Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Five, two days late and a dollar short

1.Where have you been that could best be described as a winter wonderland?

Ha! No where, really. My back yard? This winter has seen more snow than I can remember in a long time, maybe ever.

snow jan 09 011

2.In what way might you describe this as the winter of your discontent?

Oh, BUDDY. My husband has been in the hospital twice: once with gall bladder removal which turned out to have complications, then again two weeks later he spent four more days in with pancreatitis. I got a really bad cold. My Aunt Carol Bryant died. BCBS yanked us around some more about Bryant's hidradenitis treatments. Should I go on?

3.What was the last wintergreen-flavored thing you tasted?

Frost mints. But Andy ate most of them! :D

4.Is there anyone in your life who could be nicknamed Old Man Winter?

Heh heh heh...

snow jan 09 018

5.Now that the holidays have passed, is there anything good about the winter that remains?

I hate the After Christmas blahs. I always feel as if I didn't do up the holidays "hard" know? People talk about being so busy with friends and parties and gift buying and making special treats. we never seem to be involved in any of that. I actually planned my wedding for February because I felt like it would give me something to look forward to after the holidays. Our 22nd anniversary was Friday. Oh well. :D