Sunday, December 25, 2011

So what? It's Christmas

1. What natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, floods, landslides, etc) is your area prone to?

Hurricanes. Last summer we felt the DC earthquake. My sister. Yeah...

2. What natural disasters have you experienced firsthand?

Hurricanes. In particular, Hurricane Fran, 1996.


This is Oak Island, NC. where my family's beach house was, before we sold it in 2005. The worst thing I saw was this little crushed house that still bore it's name sign:
Our Dream. I don't know if I have ever cried so hard in my life as I did at that sight.

3. Have you ever been evacuated due to a natural disaster?

Back in the seventies, we were down during a hurricane. A Coast Guard officer came to our door. I remember his yellow slicker blowing in the furious winds. He told us to evacuate and Daddy said we'd be all right. The officer took out a clip board and asked him the name and number of our next of kin. When we left (and we did) the water was coming across the road and sea foam blew around like cotton.

4. Have you made/do you make any special preparations in case of natural disaster where you live?

No. Just know it is coming, and that wait for the endless howls of the wind.

5. What type of natural disaster scares you the most?

The hurricanes used to, but since the house is no longer my own I don't fear them as much. Of course, I know that if I discovered it had been destroyed (along with the pieces of my heart I left in there) I would be crushed.

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