Friday, July 24, 2009

Back From the Mountain...


I spent nearly a week at ASU in Boone NC for the NC Teacher's Academy. I had looked forward to it but when I got up there I was having so much trouble with back spasms that it was miserable any time I had to walk up hills. And there's a little more than hills in Boone: it's mountains. Anyway...

I went with Kim to the store on Monday night and as we were coming back we got caught in the biggest, most fierce storm from Hell... Jesus! At first the rain was so hard that visibility was ZERO, then it started hailing. I have never driven in hail before. I was freaked out. Hail was drumming on the roof and bouncing off the windshield. Kim was laughing hysterically, I was just hysterical! I guess the little bits of ice were about the size of English peas, maybe a little larger. I didn't find any damage on my car, but when we pulled into the lot of the dorm where we were staying, there was quite a raging little stream of muddy water coming off the side of the mountain behind the building. It wasn't a big deal for the Trailblazer to cross, so we parked and ran in. Within five minutes that little creek had turned into an honest to goodness fast water incident! Some of the smaller cars parked in the first rows had water dashing up to the windows. It was still pouring rain and I ran upstairs to get my camera. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a pic or two - they aren't very spectacular as by the time the 5000 year old elevator took me up and brought me down the water had subsided. Presently there was nothing left but a mudslide and a lot of trash that had come floating down. I drank a few shots of Tequila Coco in it's honor and moved on.

Thursday Amy and I took off into the higher mountains in hopes of getting some pictures. We finally got on the parkway but once again it started raining and lowered the visibility: not due to the intensity of the rain but the clouds. We approached a very sharp curve at one point that appeared as if the road just ended and you would sail out into the clouds. I remarked that we'd found Heaven but I doubted that either one of us would get in. Just the "Snide Comments" sections of our Book(s) Of Life are probably four feet thick with Post It's hanging out everywhere.

Needless to say, no award-winning shots were had that day, either. Feh.

Trip home was uneventful. Introduced Amy and Kim to the joy that is Tom's Bacon Cheddar Fries. Had some laughs. I slept 12 hours last night and took two naps today recovering.

It's bad to get old

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  1. I LMAO when I read this...we fo sho won't get in. But, it was a fun ride thru the mountains venting and laughing our asses off!!!