Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dr. lectured me. I don't test my blood often enough, and I don't keep a log. I know I should, but-damn, it gets tiring having to think "diabetes diabetes diabetes" all the time. I'll have to dig out a log, I suppose. I have to test four times a day, and in the summer especially I am not on any kind of a schedule like at school.

Speaking of school, I heard some disconcerting news today. It isn't necessarily about me, but it affects someone close to me.

When I came home from the doctor's office, I had this big box of supplies for my pump. There was also a notice that the quick sets I use to connect the pump to my body are recalled, and now I have to box 'em, up and ship them back to the Medtronic people. Well damn. If the tubing was defective and I wasn't getting the right amount of insulin, maybe that's why my sugar runs high!

After that I sat down here at the computer and fell asleep. Man, I've been asleep for about three hours! I haven't eaten all day, except for a banana on the way to the Dr's office. Oddly, I don't get hungry; I just go and go until I am literally shaking from the need to put some fuel in the tank.

Lotta stuff turning over in my head, stuff I can't really write in a public forum. I'll have to leave this at a boring "what I did on my summer vacation" type entry until I get green-lighted about anything else.

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