Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good morning, new blog!

I am not new to the blog thing. I have had a Livejournal since Hector was a pup ( yes, that is an obscure, odd cliche to indicate 'a long time') but I frankly got a little tired of the cheesy-feel of LJ. And I kind of didn't want to pay for it anymore! So here I am.

The Michael Jackson funeral is on right now. It just started. I have changed channels a few time and finally landed on CNN's coverage. They're showing a set up in Raleigh where there are large screen TV's to watch the proceedings. I am kind of surprised that there's something set up here in NC. I guess it's in the Civic center or some such.

Actually, freaking nothing is going on right now. Smokey Robinson came up and read some apology stuff from other celebrities, but there's been a lag of about ten minutes now. Apparently, people are still filing in. You can see steady movement in the aisles of the Staple's Center.

I remember when Elvis died in 1977. We were at the beach. I was in the bedroom reading a book when my sister came in and told me Elvis was dead. I thought she was kidding, but obviously she wasn't. That was a private funeral, even though the streets were filled with people watching the funeral procession. This televised memorial service stuff is a more recent development. I know Princess Diana and Michael Hutchence (in AUS) were televised. Now you have memorial videos at the service, sometimes even memorial videos in the cemeteries (Hollywood Forever comes to mind). I will say this: the camera flashes are going off in the arena every few seconds. That's kind of tacky. It isn't a freaking concert, folks. It's a funeral. Wait 'til they bring in the casket. It'll be like a lightning storm.

Of COURSE I am watching this. I ain't a card carrying ghoul for nothing! :D

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