Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not another week already...

Well, here we go loopty-loo. It's time for another week.

My nerves are SHOT. Tripp was having a a hard time trying to back the camper up into a small place, and it got to me so bad that I sat down on the doorstep and had a cry. I know: I have a real live diagnosed problem with depression and anxiety, but come on! I am sure it has to do with going to work tomorrow. I just can't seem to get these kids to take their education seriously. And every time I turn around I am being told that my test scores are all that matter when the rubber hits the road. AND if I want to keep my job. *sigh*.

On a lighter note, today I noticed that our camper was originally bought at an RV Dealer called "Long View". My beach house that we had for 33 years was named Long View. It made me smile to see that. There's even a little picture of a light house on the sticker, and my house was less that 1/4th mile from Oak Island Light house. May seem silly, but it kind of made my day afterwards.

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  1. Well, did Tripp successfully park the trailer? God I hope so - if not, call me - Charles & I will scrape up some bail money, LOL!